SIG – CLTA Educational Technology Special Interest Group


The CLTA-EdTech SIG provides a platform for promoting and supporting educational technology in CSL/CFL through advocacy, networking, articulation, and the sharing of research findings as well as pedagogical teaching practices. The SIG will contribute to connecting Chinese researchers with teachers to provide teacher training in tech-enhanced CFL instruction. Members will brainstorm methods of achieving practical EdTech integration focused on student needs and standards, share the latest research findings, discuss common challenges in integration with mainstream and/or emerging pedagogies (e.g., flipped/blended learning and the multiliteracies framework) and seek solutions. By sharing research in the teaching of other languages and integrating classroom-tested approaches, the SIG will assist CL teachers, practitioners, and researchers in exploring new methods that are applicable to Chinese L2 instruction. Through the development of an online forum, CLTA members will learn about the latest technologies and technology-enhanced teaching practices that can support and enhance their teaching as well as improve their research through online collaboration.


  • Conduct workshops or online tutorials to introduce research and/or best practice among experts and educators;
  • Develop CLTA-EdTech online platform for the group members to share experiences and concerns, to exchange information about instructional design (e.g., flipped/blended/online learning of Chinese language and culture in the interest of developing best practice principles) to encourage and support the dissemination of research and best practices;
  • Establish a Coordinating Committee to establish and support the SIG;
  • Hold annual meetings to summarize and reflect on what has been achieved, to socialize, to discuss issues related to flipped/blended/online learning and other instructional needs;
  • Collaborate with other SIG groups in providing tech-support to publicize accomplishments of all groups and promote Chinese language on a larger scale.


Leader: Penny Wang, University of Northern Iowa, Email: