SIG – Intercultural Competence for Chinese Teachers and Learners 中文师生所需的跨文化能力


This SIG aims to support Chinese teachers on developing students’ intercultural competence. We will first review the research works in intercultural competence, investigate the intercultural competence Chinese students needed, and explore the challenges Chinese teachers face when teaching in a cross-cultural setting. Then we will categorize the intercultural competence for Chinese teachers and for Chinese students, identify the influential frameworks and approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment in intercultural competence that work well with Chinese language pedagogy, and discuss the application in Chinese language programs and teacher preparation programs. Our ultimate goal is to create Chinese Intercultural Competence Maps for Chinese Teachers and for Chinese Learners.

Our SIG will also offer tailored pedagogical supports and invite teachers to design a personalized list of tasks to meet their individual needs and to address American student variance.


  • Forming an online community—a discussion forum through Google Group
  • Developing a website to share research project, pedagogical activities, conferences/workshops in intercultural competence with the CLTA community, and other relevant communities
  • Holding regular group activities for a common project
  • Holding an annual face-to-face group meeting/activity at CLTA sponsored conference
  • Organizing workshops in Intercultural Competence
  • Publishing the group project products at academic conferences and as journal articles
  • Developing materials for teachers to use
  • Developing Chinese Intercultural Competence Maps for Chinese Teachers and for Chinese Learners


Leader: Dr. Yongfang Zhang 张永芳, Associate Professor of Chinese, Wofford College, Email:
Associate Leader: Dr. Patrick McAloon