CLTA-SIG: CFL Teacher Development/汉语教师综合素养论坛


This special interest group provides a platform for professionals at all levels world-wide in the field of teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign language (CSL/CFL) to exchange, share and contribute opinions, suggestions, discussion topics, innovative teaching methods, solutions and new research pertaining to all aspects of Chinese teaching, ranging from general teachers’ development, classroom and learners’ strategies, pedagogical grammar, to practical classroom instructional skills.

We’ll share applicable resources and discussions via a WeChat group or in person for teachers to connect and support each other in their professional development and will deliver talks, presentations and round table discussions via Zoom or in person to establish a community for interested members.


  • Promote in-group communication and discussion by sharing concerns and raising questions to seek better solutions;
  • Organize workshops and on-line presentations in specific areas of Chinese teaching;
  • Disseminate information about new developments in the field;
  • Collaborate with other CLTA-SIGs to promote better and effective Chinese teaching


Group Leaders:

Wenze Hu 胡文泽 (Chair), US Naval Academy, e-mail:
Baozhang He 何宝璋, College of the Holy Cross
Fangyuan Yuan 袁芳远, U.S. Naval Academy
Yi Xu 许怡, University of Pittsburgh
Yongping Zhu 朱永平, University of Notre Dame
Sue-mei Wu 吴素美, Carnegie Mellon University
Hang Zhang 张航, The George Washington University
Yiching (Christine) Liu  吕逸勤, Salem Academy
Lulei Su 苏麓垒, Brown University