Board of Directors
President: Yi Xu 许怡 – University of Pittsburgh
Vice President: Yongping Zhu 朱永平 – University of Notre Dame
Immediate Past President: Fangyuan Yuan 袁芳远 – US Navy Academy
Steering Committee: Yi Xu 许怡 (Chair)
Awards Committee: Hang Zhang 张航 (Chair)
The National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society: Tong Chen 陈彤 (Chair)
Nominating and Election Committee: Yongping Zhu 朱永平 (Chair)
Conference Committee: Shuai Li 郦帅 (Chair)
Fund-Raising Committee: Mingquan Wang 王命全 (Chair)
Media and Publicity Committee: Zhongqi Shi 史中琦 (Chair)
Membership Drive Committee: Shijuan Liu 刘士娟 (Chair)
Regional Associations Committee: Hsin-hsin Liang 梁新欣 (Chair)
Professional Development Committee: Wenhao Diao 刁文豪 (Chair)
K-12 Group: Cilei Han 韩慈磊

Appointed Officers
Executive Director: Sue-mei Wu吴素美 – Carnegie Mellon University
Conference Officer: Baozhang He 何宝璋 – College of the Holy Cross
JCLTA Editor: Dana S. Bourgerie 白杰理 – Brigham Young University
JCLTA Associate Editor: Scott McGinnis 馬思凱 – Defense Language Institute, Washington Office
Newsletter Editor: Yang Xiao-Desai 萧旸 – San Francisco State University
K-12 Publication Editor: Wenxia Wang 王文霞 – Florida State University
Webmaster: Jun Da 笪俊 – Middle Tennessee State University