Special Interest Groups

Only active CLTA members may join CLTA-SIGs for FREE. Anyone who wishes to join a CLTA-SIG must fill out the CLTA-SIG registration form below (for up to 3 SIGs). Please submit a separate form for each SIG you wish to join. For non-CLTA members the annual registration fee is $15 per CLTA-SIG. Once you register, you can provide your SIG registration receipt(s) to the SIG leader(s) (The SIG leaders’ e-mails are listed in the SIGs descriptions). The SIGs leaders will then invite you to join their groups.

Join CLTA to gain the following privileges:

In addition to career development resources and opportunities to network with CFL K-16 professionals, below are some highlights of CLTA members’ privileges:

  • To be included in the CLTA LISTSERV and receive prompt announcements including job advertisements from the CLTA Headquarters
  • To apply for awards and grants sponsored by CLTA
  • To join CLTA Special Interest Groups (CLTA-SIGs) for free
  • To access CLTA publications such as the CSL Journal, Newsletter & K-12 CLT Journal
  • To publish personal and institutional news in the Newsletter
  • To receive information on meetings and conferences sponsored by CLTA
  • To attend, present papers at, and organize panels for these meetings and conferences at discounted rates
  • To elect members to the Board of Directors
  • To be nominated and elected as members of the Board of Directors
  • To attend CLTA sponsored activities for free or at a discounted rate
  • To nominate students to join the National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society
  • To nominate K-12 students to submit their work to the “Selection of CLTA K-12 Outstanding Chinese Works” 

And more…