Content-based Chinese language courses at advanced levels/跨学科高级汉语教学


Nowadays the traditional division of teaching Chinese language from first year Chinese course to fourth year Chinese and teaching Chinese literature, Chinese social science, history and religions and so on in English no longer satisfies the need of the students. They are longing for studying China-related subjects in Chinese instead solely in English. We see the growing number of enrollment at advanced level Chinese courses, but are puzzled at what we can efficiently teach the students. This SIG of Content-based Chinese language course at advance level will gather the professionals to collectively think what we can offer language courses at this level. We can brainstorm some solutions, teaching methodology which is unique only for the Chinese language courses at this level. We raise questions and challenges that we are facing particularly in the courses at this level. This is a new and expanding area in the teaching Chinese as a foreign language. It is our hope that through the discussion among the professionals in this SIG, Chinese language teaching field will pay attention to this growing subfield.


  • To establish a platform for colleagues to share innovative approaches and methods for the teaching of advanced Chinese
  • To survey on what our students’ interested subjects of studying at the advanced level are


Leader: Liang, Hsin-hsin  梁新欣, Professor of Chinese, The University of Virginia, Email:

Associate Leaders:

  • Bai, Jianhua 白建华, Professor of Chinese, Middlebury College, Vermont
  • Feng, Yu 冯禹, Professor of Chinese, Brandeis University
  • He, Wayne Wenchao 何文潮, Professor of Chinese, University of Rhode Island
  • Lin, Yi  林艺, Associate Professor of Chinese and Director, Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad in China-Kunming
  • Tsui, Shu-qin 崔淑琴, Professor, Bowdoin College