CLTA Monographs [Guidelines]

No.1. Functionalism and Chinese Grammar.
Edited by James H-Y. Tai and Frank F.S. Hsueh. (1989, paper, $20.00)
No.2. Chinese Language Pedagogy: Current Perspectives of the Emerging Field.
Edited by Scott McGinnis. (1996)
(Orders for No.2 should be directed to Foreign Language Publications at the Ohio State University. This is part of the Pathways to Advanced Skills series.)
No.3. Mapping the Course of the Chinese Language Field.
Edited by Madeline Chu. (1999)
No.4. Research Among Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language.
Edited by Michael Everson and Helen Shen, published by the
National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC) at the U. of Hawaii (2010)

Leadership Seminar I: Abstract. (1997)

The publication of this volume, edited by Madeline Chu and Julian Wheatley, is made possible through a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation.

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CLTA Headquarters