k-12 Chinese Language Teaching, Issue 2, March 2017


Editor’s Welcome

Research on preschool and K-12 Chinese Language Teaching

teacher and students around a book

Building Learners’ Higher-Order Thinking Skills through Chinese Language in Content Teaching of Immersion/Dual Chinese Programs, Louisa Yu, Lucy Zhang, Yanjuan Zhu, Henry Ruan

Contextualization in U.S. K-12 Chinese Instruction, Wenxia Wang, Qiuping Yuan

Effective Behavior Support: What Chinese Teachers Need to Know about Teaching Students with Special Needs, Nai-Cheng Kuo, Wenxia Wang

Identifying Cultural Elements in Chinese Language Curricula Using the 3Ps Framework, Guangyan Chen

Teaching Practices and Tips

students writing characters on a board

行为情景教学法 Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling, 袁秋萍, 王文霞

Using American Sign Language to Teach Chinese in the US, Ruihua Liu

2016 ACTFL Session Reports

audience at a conference presentation

Apply Task Based Language Teaching in Chinese Instruction, 袁秋萍 (Qiuping Yuan)

Assessing Chinese Proficiency–Examples and Perspectives from Immersion, Kathleen Wang, HsiuWen Hsieh and Hsinpei Normand

Large Class with Small Group Activities 大课堂中的小组活动,  岑秋婷(Katy)

Reconciling Common Core in Chinese Immersion with Balanced Literacy, 邝爱慈 (Alice)

K-12 Chinese Programs

empty classroom with movable chairs

美国中文师资执照班的改革, 郭誉玫, 刘新韵