Congratulatory Message from the President of CLTA-USA

K-12 Chinese Language Teaching, a new and open-access electronic journal sponsored by the Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA (CLTA-USA), is now releasing its inaugural issue. On behalf of the CLTA-USA board, I congratulate Professor Annie Zeng and all the colleagues on the editorial board on this important achievement.

CLTA-USA is devoted to promoting Chinese teaching at all levels. Recent years have seen the blooming of Chinese L2 teaching at elementary and high schools. As a new endeavor of CLTA-USA, the publication of K-12 Chinese Language Teaching is to fill a common want of an academic journal primarily concerned with issues of Chinese teaching at the K-12 level. It’s my belief that this journal will become a major source of dynamic information and fresh research in K-12 Chinese teaching in the world. And it will not only appeal to K-12 Chinese teachers, but also be interesting to scholars and administrators who concern Chinese and foreign language teaching in general.

Chengzhi Chu
President of CLTA-USA