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Congratulatory Message from the President of CLTA-USA

Congratulatory Message from the President of CLASS

Congratulatory Message from Claire Kotenbeutel

Research on preschool and K-12 Chinese Language Teaching

Enhancing Student Engagement through Authentic Materials in a Chinese Classroom, Allison Lai

Unleavened Cakes: L2 Chinese Education for South Asian Students in Hong Kong, Sihui Ke and G. Richard Tucker

Using Authentic Multimedia Materials and Ethnographic Interview to Improve Target Culture Learning: A Preliminary Proposal, 张胜兰


Teaching Practices and Tips

Efficient Use of Class Time through VoiceTread, 闫玮

Using Rhymes to Create a Supportive Environment for Performing Chinese Culture, 王建芬

Apply shared reading in Chinese language teaching, 袁秋萍

Performance-Based Assessment in Chinese Language Teaching-Practice and Reflection, 王建红


K-12 Chinese Programs

星谈项目(STARTALK Program)与汉语教师的转型与重塑, 郑安中/An Chung Cheng 陈姮良/Henny Chen 郭誉玫/ Stella Kwoh