Congratulatory Message from Claire Kotenbeutal

My congratulations to the Editor, Zhang Laoshi, and her Editorial Board on the publication of the first issue of the professional journal, K-12 Chinese Language Teaching. It has been less than a year since Zheng Laoshi mentioned to me the possibility of such a publication at the ACTFL conference in San Antonio. It is quite an accomplishment to have gone from discussion to printed page in less than a year.

Remembering back to 1987 when I began teaching Chinese grades 9-12 in Madison, Wisconsin, there was no official State certification/licensure available for languages other than French, German and Spanish. The textbook I used for my teaching at the high school was handwritten and self-published by my professor at the University of Wisconsin. I was the only high school Chinese language teacher in the state and had no contact with the Chinese language teachers in the United States. A very lonely feeling.

Today, with the publication of the K-12 Chinese Language Teaching journal, K-12 instructors will be able to read articles of importance to the field, learn what is happening throughout the profession, and have a sounding board for veteran teachers and those just beginning in the field of K – 12 Chinese language education.


Claire Kotenbeutel,
CLTA Board member