SIG – L2 Chinese Pronunciation Teaching and Research group (L2 Chinese PTR)/二语语音教学与研究


While pronunciation teaching has always been an important component in second language and foreign language teaching and research, it is in recent years that this has become an independent field in applied linguistics. There is even a new journal dedicated to this field, Journal of Second Language Pronunciation. Pronunciation is important in that not only does pronunciation affect normal communication and lead to foreign accent, it also shapes the inter-personal interaction in the social setting and recent years have witnessed the surge of such studies in the field.

The L2 Chinese PTR group will play an important role in engaging in conversation and collaboration among CSL teachers and researchers and keep the field informed of the latest developments in pronunciation research in linguistics, education and other related fields. This SIG will greatly contribute to the field by disseminating the latest research findings of L2 Chinese pronunciation (i.e., tones, consonants, vowels, stress, intonation, rhythm, fluency, proficiency, intelligibility, comprehensibility, accent, etc.) and aligning the CSL field with the field of applied linguistics.


  • To discuss relevant issues through WeChat discussion group (二语语音教学与研究);
  • To disseminate findings and relevant information about L2 Chinese pronunciation teaching and research;
  • To set up a website: hold bi-monthly reading group online, discuss the relevant issues and how to transfer the findings to teaching design, etc.; release news about SIG activities, relevant conference, call for papers, etc.; promote SIG members’ research projects and findings; introduce the recent articles and books about L2 Chinese pronunciation or general L2 pronunciation
  • To design a diagnostic tool for L2 pronunciation problems as well as pronunciation training program.
  • To organize pronunciation teaching panels at the annual CLTA meeting;
  • To organize CSL pronunciation teaching and research workshops at the local, national or international conferences, such as CLTA meetings;
  • To organize and facilitate research collaborations among L2 Chinese teachers and researchers in the US and abroad.


Group Leader: Chunsheng Yang 杨春生, Associate professor, University of Connecticut, Email:
Group Leader: Bei Yang 杨蓓, Assistant professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison