CLTA By-Laws

Section 2.01. Members

Any person who subscribes to the goals of the Association as set out in Section 1.02, and pays the appropriate dues may be admitted to Membership in the appropriate class as outlined in section 2.02.

Section 2.02. Classes of Membership

The Association shall have the following classes of Membership:

  1. Regular Members. Professional teachers of Chinese as a foreign language, Chinese literature or Chinese linguistics, or individuals interested in the above fields.
  2. Emeritus Members. Individuals who have served the profession as outlined in (a) and who are now officially retired from active duty.
  3. Student Members. Individuals in the midst of a course of formal study concentrating on Chinese language, language pedagogy, literature or linguistics.
  4. Joint Members. Two individuals that would qualify for Regular, Emeritus or Student Member status and who share the same mailing address.
  5. Life Members. Any individual eligible to be a Regular, Emeritus, or Student Member who chooses to pay the one-time Life Membership dues.
  6. Institutional Members. Academic institutions and libraries which would make the Association’s Journal available to the patrons or Members of that institution.

Section 2.03. Dues

From time to time, the Board of Directors shall determine the dues for the several classes of Membership.

Section 2.04. Voting Members

All Members except Institutional Members shall be eligible to vote on Association business and hold office in the Association.

Section 2.05 Termination and Restoration of Membership

Any Member may withdraw from the Association by so specifying in writing to the Executive Director or by nonpayment of dues. Such Members may be automatically reinstated upon payment of dues.

Members may be dropped from membership by vote of the Board of Directors for behavior incompatible with the goals of the Association. Reinstatements will occur upon favorable vote of the Board of Directors.