SIG – Chinese Language Film Education Exchange (CLFEdEx) CLTA 中文電影教學興趣小組

Facebook: CLTA 中文電影教學興趣小組


CLFEdEx is a special interest group that provides a platform for Chinese language teachers to introduce Chinese films of interest to the group, to share thoughts of educational focuses of these films, and to exchange pedagogical ideas with K-16 colleagues. The group plans to create a website to function as a Chinese Language Film teaching resources center to share information and recommendations for each film, such as appropriate language level, age group, and cultural points, etc.


  • Forming an online community –eGroup—(create LISTSEV and Facebook group for the group)
  • Developing a website to share resources, research/pedagogical activities or projects with the CLTA community
  • Holding regular group activities for collaborating a common project in educational exchange of teaching through Chinese language films
  • Holding annual face-to-face group meeting/activity at CLTA sponsored conferences
  • Submitting proposals to CLTA sponsored conferences.


Leader: Yea-Fen Chen 陳雅芬,  Professor, Indiana University, Email:
Associate Leader: Su-I Chen 陳素宜, Lecturer of Chinese, Clemson University
Associate Leader: Celia Liu 劉亮吟, Instructor of Chinese, The College of New Jersey
Associate Leader: Jingjing Cai 蔡晶晶, Doctoral student (ABD), Indiana University
Associate Leader: Adam Ross 黃愛德, Chinese American International School (CAIS)