CLTA-SIG: Chinese Grammar Instruction and Research语法教学和研究


This SIG is a platform for discussion about Chinese grammar instruction and current relevant research. This SIG introduces the most recent findings in grammar theories (e.g., Construction Grammar, Cognitive linguistics, etc.) and Chinese grammar, ranging from certain grammar categories to specific grammar items. This SIG also encourages all members to carefully examine Chinese pedagogical grammar and to explore innovative pedagogical methods of grammar instruction. The overall aim of the SIG is to help novice Chinese instructors and TCFL students master the necessary skills of grammar instruction to become competent Chinese L2 instructors.


  • Establishing a virtual community through WeChat group for Chinese instructors to raise questions and contribute solutions concerning various grammar issues
  • Inviting grammarians to give online lectures on theoretical and referential grammar
  • Holding workshops of grammar instruction at the beginning level for novice Chinese instructors and TCFL students
  • Collaborating with other SIG groups of Chinese language and culture teaching.


Group Leaders:

Jincheng Liu 刘锦城 (Chair), The University of Notre Dame, E-mail:
Yongtao Zhang 张永涛, Yale University
Tao Peng 彭涛, Columbia University