Selection of American K-12 Outstanding Chinese Works 《美国中小学生中文优秀作品精选》

The Selection of American K-12 Outstanding Chinese Works ( 《美国中小学生中文优秀作品精选》) is an annual digital magazine dedicated to the publication of writing submitted by K-12 learners of Chinese as a foreign language for the purpose of promoting Chinese language and culture studies in North America. It provides a platform for learners to practice their craft as writers and to share their ideas, inspiration, and successes in their Chinese learning. It is also an essential, authentic and rich writing assignment resource for primary and secondary teachers.

Application Criteria:

  1. K-12 students who are studying Mandarin Chinese in the USA , must be nominated by their Chinese language instructors;
  2. Each instructor can submit a maximum of three (3) writings (handwritten or typed). Only one submission may be at the Advanced level on the ACTFL proficiency scale.
  3. Recommending teachers must be CLTA-USA members or regional CLTA members at the time of submitting students’ works;
  4. The writing submitted must be an original work, assigned and completed individually in the current school year, that may have been graded, reviewed, or proofread by the instructor. Any teacher suggestions or adjustments should be clearly handwritten or typed onto the original work before submission.
  5. If the recommended writings are selected for publication, the recommending teacher must register as a CLTA-USA member within two weeks of notification in order for the work to be eligible for inclusion.

Application Material:

  1. Basic information about the student and the teacher, a short paragraph about the assignment guidelines in English or in Chinese by the recommending teacher. (See the Application Form)
  2. Student’s handwritten or typed manuscript, with no limitation on genres or topics (See a sample in Appendix I)
  3. A Consent and Release Form signed by the applying student and his/her parents/guardians. (Appendix II)

Application Process, Time Frame, Acceptance and Award Notification

The application form is a fillable Google Form. Student’s manuscript and the Consent and Release form should be saved/scanned as PDF documents and uploaded in the Google Form. Inquiries to Editors: For questions regarding the Selection of American K-12 Outstanding Chinese Works, please contact Zoe Jiang at

Jan. 15 – Mar. 30Submit all materials through the Google Form.
Apr. 1 – Apr. 30Judges review and discuss submissions.
K-12 Committee contacts the recommending teacher to confirm his/her
CLTA-USA membership status, which he/she should keep active until the
end of August, as the minimum.
May 1 – May 15Upon confirmation, the student will receive a certificate of American K-12 Outstanding Chinese Work 《美国中小学生中文优秀作品证书》. The
principal of the participating school will also receive an appreciation letter from CLTA K-12 Committee.
May 15 – May 30The digital magazine the Selection of American K-12 Outstanding Chinese Works (《美国中小学生中文优秀作品精选》) will be distributed. An Honor Roll (student’s name, writing title, teacher’s name and school’s name) will be submitted to CLTA-USA Newsletter editor, to be published to recognize participants’ efforts through the Newsletter.

Inquiries to Editors:

For questions regarding the Selection of American K-12 Outstanding Chinese Works, please contact Zoe Jiang at


Cilei Han 韩慈磊
Mairead Harris 何小蔓
Zoe Jiang 江凌欧
Henry Ruan 阮勇强
Bonnie Wang 王春梦
Ting Gao 郜婷