Beginning in 2012 and continuing through 2017, the Peking University Press will fund an award of $1500 US dollars to use as a prize for a winner of the best essay selected from articles published by the Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association (JCLTA) the year prior to the selection year. The winner of the award shall be announced by a representative from the Peking University Press at the membership meeting of the CLTA’s annual conference.

Past Recipients:

2012: Hang Zhang: “Phonological Universals and Tonal Acquisition,” JCLTA, Vol. 45:1, 2010.
Janet Zhiqun Xing: 对外汉语词汇教学法初探, JCLTA Vol. 46:2, 2011.
2013: Yongan Wu: “Using External Text Vocalization to Enhance Reading Development Among Beginning Level Chinese Learners,” JCLTA, Vol. 47:1, 2012
2014: Han Luo: “Chinese Language Learning Anxiety and its Associated Factors,” JCLTA, Vol. 48:2, 2013.
2015: Hong Gang Jin (靳洪刚) & Yin Zhang (章吟): 对外汉语纠错反馈研究的单位界定及过程分解分析, JCLTA, Vol. 49:3, 2014.
2016: Zhuo Jing-Schmidt, Xinjia Peng, & Jing-Yun Chen: “From Corpus Analysis to Grammar Instruction: Toward a usage-based constructionist approach to constructional stratification, JCLTA, Vol. 50:2, 2015.
2017: Jia Yang (杨佳): “CFL learners’ recognition and production of pragmatic routine formulae,” CSL 51: 1, pp. 29-61.