2023 CLTA Conference Exhibitor Tables

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With our sincere gratitude, CLTA would like to THANK the following sponsors who generously support CLTA members and are participating in the 2023 CLTA Exhibition Table Event. Follow the links below to learn more about these sponsors, view their flyers, and see their presentation time slots & topics.

• April 2, Sunday, 8-9am & 9-10am: Exhibition Table Presentation Sessions for the Onsite Exhibition

(1) National Taiwan Normal University 台灣師範大學

Cool Chinese Flyer

National Taiwan Normal University

National Taiwan Normal University

(4) Duke Kunshan University

Duke Kunshan Flyer

Duke Kunshan University

(10) Yabla



Gifts & Sponsors

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With our sincere gratitude, CLTA would like to THANK the following generous sponsors of the 2023 CLTA conference Gifts and Prizes Drawing.

(1) 2023 CLTA Artistic Conference bags 艺术帆布会议袋

conference bags

bags front and back

Middlebury School 明德中文学校 https://middlebury.edu/ls/chinese

Middlebury Language Schools

画作: 感谢画家王晓 亭先生提供其高维 画作。 超幻画廊网址 http://artlikeus.com

(3) CLTA Wooden Artwork Bookmark (the major gift in every registrant’s conference bag) CLTA 品牌中国风 手工雕木艺术书签 会议的主要伴手礼, 放在每个会议袋里

(a)Vista Higher Learning, sponsoring for 100 bookmarks:  https://vistahigherlearning.com/

(b) 外研社, sponsoring for 50 bookmarks: https://www.fltrpclt.com

foreign language teaching and research press

(5) CLTA Ties and Scarves (drawn at the members meeting) CLTA 品牌男用红 领带与女用红领巾 晚宴的抽奖奖品

CLTA: https://clta-us.org


(7)《看漫画学 中文》 图书数册

Silly Stories from a Classroom 《看漫画学中文》 数册

NonSwimmingFish: https://nonswimmingfish.com

Non Swimming Fish dot com

(2) 2023 CLTA Conference badges 会议挂牌 (工作牌)

Wukong Chinese 悟空中文 https://www.wukongsch.com

wu kong

(4) CLTA Artistic Wood and Resin Coaster (the top prize drawn at the members meeting) CLTA 品牌木与光 结合的精美杯垫 晚宴的抽奖特奖

CLTA: https://clta-us.org


(6) 高维美术 & 超幻艺术礼品

(a) 画家王晓亭高维美术作品 Art Print
(b) 画家王晓亭高维艺术抱枕
(c) 画家王晓亭超幻艺术贺卡
(d) 画家王晓亭超幻艺术围巾
(e) 艺术提包

感谢画家 王晓亭 先生 提供其高维画作  http://artlikeus.com

(8) 北语凤凰树 图书30 册

Phoenix Tree Publishing: https://www.phoenixtree.com

Phoenix Tree Publishing