CLTA Event Sponsor online submission form:

For each CLTA event the sponsor rate is $500. Sponsors gain the following benefits:

  1. Sponsor’s name and promotional materials are distributed to the CLTA Mailing list (Listerv) in advance of the event
  2. Sponsor names are listed with the event information on the CLTA website
  3. Sponsor names are listed with the event information on CLTA-SIG postings
  4. Sponsors will be recognized and thanked at the beginning and end of the event.
  5. Sponsors may provide a slide for CLTA to show during the event
  6. If the event is recorded (e.g. CLTA Virtual Forum), the recording link will be distributed to CLTA members to watch for a month. Members will see the sponsor’s materials as part of the event recording.

For each CLTA event sponsor rate is $500. Please fill out the CLTA event sponsor form and submit your advertisement materials. The payment may be made online through Paypal.  Ads can be black and white or color. Each ad should be in .jpg or .pdf format and be under 1 MB. A Word file is needed for CLTA to promote your materials through various channels (including the CLTA Listserv, posting on the CLTA website and CLTA-SIGs for the event, etc).