The President of the Chinese Language Teachers Association is elected by the CLTA membership, as per the CLTA Bylaws: Article V. The CLTA member who is elected to that position serves as the CLTA Vice President in the first year, fulfills the role of CLTA President in the second year, and then serves as the Immediate Past President (IPP) in the third year. A message from the CLTA President to the membership — “From the President” — is published in each issue of the Chinese Language Teachers Association Newsletter. In the table below are links to messages from Presidents and Immediate Past Presidents (IPP) of the CLTA over the years, commencing with the December 1997 issue, marking the beginning of the regular publication of messages from the CLTA President.*

* In 2007, the CLTA Newsletter shifted its time of its annual, three-issue publication in December, March and September to a new publication schedule of January, May, and September. Prior to 2007, the December issue contained the first message from the new president to start the cycle, and the second and third messages appeared in the following year’s March and September issues respectively. The cycle began anew in that new December issue, with a message from the new President, but also a message from the Immediate Past President (IPP), summarizing events and activities of the Association during his/her term in office as CLTA President.

(as IPP)
2016 Prof. Helen Shen
(University of Iowa)
Dec. 2015
2015 Prof. Chengzhi Chu
(UC Davis)
Dec. 2014 Dec. 2015
2014 Prof. Hongyin Tao
Dec 2013 Dec. 2014
2013 Prof. Der-lin Chao
(Hunter College)
Jan. 2013
2012 Prof. Janet Xing
(Western Washington University)
Jan. 2012
2011 Prof. Chuanren Ke
(University of Iowa)
Jan. 2011
2010 Prof. Claudia Ross
(College of the Holy Cross)
Dec. 2009 Jan. 2011
2009 Prof. Jerome Packard
(University of Illinois)
Dec. 2009
2008 Prof. Yen-hui Audrey Li
(U. of Southern California)
Jan. 2008
2007 Prof. Jennifer Liu
(Indiana University)
Jan. 2008
2006 Dr. Mien-hwa Chiang
(University of Pennsylvania)
Dec. 2005 Sept. 2006 (on leave)
2005 Prof. Hong Gang Jin
(Hamilton College)
Dec. 2004 Sept. 2005 Dec. 2005
2004 Prof. Jianhua Bai
(Kenyon College)
Dec. 2003 Dec. 2004
2003 Prof. Dana Scott Bourgerie
(Brigham Young University)
Dec. 2002
2002 Prof. Claudia Ross
(College of the Holy Cross)
Dec. 2001 Mar. 2002 Sept. 2002 Dec. 2002
2001 Prof. Marjorie K.M. Chan
(The Ohio State University)
Dec. 2000 Mar. 2001 Sept. 2001 Dec. 2001
2000 Prof. Chuanren Ke
(University of Iowa)
Dec. 1999 Mar. 2000 Sept. 2000 Dec. 2000
1999 Prof. Cynthia Ning
(University of Hawaii)
Dec. 1998 Mar. 1999 Sept. 1999 Dec. 1999
1998 Prof. Scott G. McGinnis
(University of Maryland)
Dec. 1997 Dec. 1998