Call for Special Issue Proposals

Chinese as a Second Language is inviting proposals for 2024 special issue from interested guest editors

Chinese as a Second Language (CSL), formerly Journal of Chinese Language Teachers Association, established in 1966, publishes peer-reviewed original articles in English or Chinese that make a significant contribution to the research and practices of teaching and learning of Chinese as a second language.

With this call for proposals, we are looking for (a) guest editor(s), who will produce a special issue that addresses a theme of interest to our readership, to be published in 2024. CSL serves a wide audience who may be concerned with Chinese language acquisition and pedagogy, Chinese applied linguistics, language program administration, curriculum design, as well as teaching Chinese culture and literature in Chinese language classrooms. In line with the scope of the journal, we especially welcome themes that connect theories and research findings with practice and/or address underrepresented areas of scholarship that is significant to the interdisciplinary field of teaching/learning Chinese as a second language. The special issue is expected to have four to five original articles that offer new perspectives, and the proposed theme should refine or challenge existing practices of teaching/learning Chinese as a second language. The articles should adhere to regular CSL journal manuscript preparation standards and guidelines. (

            The special issue proposals should include:

  1. Rationale for the special issue topic, including a general description of the issue and its potential contribution to the field (maximum 700 words);
  2. A list of contributors and five original article abstracts (300–400 words each);
  3. Short CVs (3-page)/descriptions (maximum 300 words per editor) of qualifications of the guest editor – and in the case of multiple guest editors, qualifications of each of them––with particular emphasis on published research on relevant topics and editing experience;
  4. Overall issue should confirm to regular length of 100 pages;
  5. Proposals may be in English or Chinese and—per journal guidelines­­—the issue may contain manuscripts in Chinese, English, or both.

Proposals/inquiries should be sent to the editor (, Subject: CSL CFP) by September 30, 2023.  All proposals will be evaluated by the CSL editorial board.

Important dates:

  • September 30, 2023: Proposals due
  • November 15, 2023: Winning proposal to be announced.
  • May 31, 2024: Submission of first-draft manuscripts to the guest editor(s). Guest editor(s) arrange peer reviewers. (Manuscripts authored by the guest editor(s) themselves will be sent out for reviews by other field experts through coordination of the journal editorial board.)
  • Sept 30, 2024: All final manuscripts due.