Volume 50:2, June 2015


From Corpus Analysis to Grammar Instruction: Toward a usage-based constructionist approach to constructional stratification·················· 1

Zhuo Jing-Schmidt, Xinjia Peng, University of Oregon

Jing-Yun Chen, Johns Hopkins University


Mapping Chinese Language Pedagogy from 1966 to 2013: A bibliometric study of the Journal of Chinese Language Teachers Association········ 31

Helena Casas-Tost, Sara Rovira-Esteva

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


以華語教學視角檢視多義詞義項分析架構-以多義動詞「看」為例······················································· 59

歐德芬, 臺灣中原大學


Teach Yourself Chinese – how? The history of Chinese self-instruction manuals for English speakers, 1900-2010················ 77

Nicola McLelland, University of Nottingham



Studying in China: A Practical Handbook for Studentsby Patrick McAloon························································· 121

Jianling Liao (廖建玲), CIEE Study Center in Shanghai, China


Chinese Grammar at Work, by Shuanfan Huang····························· 125

Han Luo (骆涵) ,Lafayette College


Studies in Second Language Acquisition of Chinese, edited by Z. H. Han· 133

Chunsheng (George) Yang, University of Connecticut