The National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society FAQ

Note: In the following text, the Honor Society is used to refer to the National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society. 

  1.  Are native Chinese speaking students eligible to be inducted into the Honor Society?

No, they are not. Only non-native Chinese speaking students are eligible.

  1. Are students who are juniors eligible?

We encourage faculty members to nominate graduating seniors. This will help to guarantee that we have quality applicants, build up a track record for the Honor Society, and avoid inducting students who are qualified as juniors but fail to maintain their GPA in their senior years. If students with the junior standing are nominated, their accumulative GPA for both Chinese language courses and other courses in their senior year must also be reported to the CLTA Honor Society Committee by March 1 in the following year (i.e., their senior year). The names of those who fail to maintain their GPA up to the standard in their senior year will have to be removed from the member list of the Honor Society.

  1. Who verifies the qualifications of candidates?

The Honor Society Committee relies mostly on the nominating faculty to verify the qualifications of each candidate. Before filing the applications, please double check the qualifications of your students and make sure that they meet the requirements as set forth in the Honor Society Guidelines (  The Honor Society Committee will check the consistency of the submitted information and will contact the concerned faculty if there is any problem.

  1. Is the application fee refundable? How do I make a payment?

Once the application fee is paid, it is not refundable. Please let your recommended applicants know this.

Because of logistics and concerns about accounting regulations, the CLTA Headquarters cannot accept direct payments from students at this time. Faculty members will need to collect fees from students and make payments online. A receipt from CLTA will be sent to the faculty member who has made the payment.