Volume 50:3, October 2015

In Memoriam: Professor Frank Feng-sheng Hsueh (薛鳳生教授) ··· i

Editor’s Message ···ii


The Place of Linguistics in CSL Teaching and Teacher Education: Toward a Usage-Based Constructionist Theoretical Orientation ··· 1

Zhuo Jing-Schmidt, University of Oregon

Curricular Goals and Curriculum Design: The Case of a College-level Chinese Language Program ··· 23

Han Luo, Lafayette College

Writing Practice and Chinese Character Recognition in Early Chinese Immersion Students ··· 45

Ellen Knell, Haii West;

Brigham Young University Chinese Flagship Program

Review Article

从课堂语篇研究看汉语二语课堂框架特点 ··· 63

袁芳远, 美国海军学院


《生活、認知與中文教學》Life, Cognition and Teaching Chinese by 戴金惠 ··· 79

Zhuo Jing-Schmidt, University of Oregon

《汉语作为第二语言的习得与教学》, by Xiaohong Wen ··· 85

Han Luo (骆涵), Lafayette College

Basic Spoken Chinese, by Cornelius C Kubler ··· 91

Matthew Christensen, Brigham Young University

Chinese: A Linguistic Introduction, by Chaofen Sun ··· 95

Hongyuan Dong, George Washington University

Advertisements ··· 62, 78, 84, 90