2014 Annual Meetings!

Two important announcements from incoming CLTA President Prof. Hongyin Tao and the Board of Directors concerning the CLTA Annual Meeting for 2014:

             1) We will continue to host the official CLTA annual conference with ACTFL. In 2014, it will be in San Antonio, Texas, on Nov. 21-23, 2014. For this, I ask that you submit your  proposal through the ACTFL website. As a reminder, the deadline for ACTFL proposals is January 15, 2014. For more information, visit the ACTFL convention website at:  http://www.actfl.org/2014convention-expo.

2) With ACTFL’s understanding, CLTA will host a smaller scale event to address our need to reach out to the regional association members. The CLTA meeting on October 25-26, 2014 will be a one and half day event at  Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. It will be called the First CLTA International Symposium on Chinese Language Teaching and Learning. More information about the symposium will be available on the CLTA website at: https://www.clta-us.org.