Chinese Linguistics Teaching Faculty (Madison, WI)

The Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at UW-Madison is inviting applications for a one-year full-time Chinese Language Teaching Faculty position for the 2022-23 academic year. Responsibilities will include teaching advanced Chinese language for English-speaking college students and grad-level linguistics. The appointment begins on August 22, 2022.

Job Summary:
1. Teaching: Teach two to three Chinese language or linguistics courses per semester. Expected to be able to teach Chinese language classes at all levels and graduate courses. Prepare syllabi, develop or adapt teaching materials, hold office hours, grade homework, prepare/administer/grade exams, and train/supervise Teaching Assistants (TAs) in the form of outside of class workshop sessions, course observation, and individual feedback.
2. Instructional Technology Development: Envision, lead, and engage in technology-enhanced curriculum development for the Chinese Language Program.
3. Provide support to the Chinese language program and participate in/facilitate cultural events, Chinese houses, outreach activities, etc.

Education: PhD degree required in Chinese linguistics, applied linguistics, linguistics, pedagogy, second language acquisition, or a related field.

Qualifications: At least three-year experience teaching Chinese as a foreign or second language at the college level preferred. Experience teaching upper-level Chinese language classes and graduate-level Chinese linguistics classes preferred. Experience supervising teaching assistants preferred. Native or near-native fluency in Chinese and professional competency in spoken and written English required.

Application Process: To apply for this position please visit

Applications must include:
1) Letter of application
2) Curriculum vitae (CV)
3) Statement on teaching philosophy
4) Sample Chinese language course syllabus (at the upper level) and a sample linguistics course syllabus
5) Link to a 50-minute teaching demonstration video
6) Summary of teaching evaluations

You will also be asked to provide contact information for three individuals who can serve as a professional reference.

Application deadline: April 22, 2022